The Jesus and Mary Chain | Birthday

Everybody loves me
Goes away
And I’d kill myself
If that would make them stay

And I’m drinking to the day
That I was made
And I’m sucking on
My grownup’s lemonade

Yeah, I’m a mean motherfucker now
But I once was cool
Yeah, I’m a bad motherfucker now
But I once was cool

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i love laughing about the friend zone because it’s so dumb like you know most of those dudes aren’t even IN the “friend zone” they’re in the “ugh god not this dude again” zone

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Caribou | Can’t Do Without You

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"Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are."

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Angry TOP

Angry TOP

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Porter Robinson | Fresh Static Snow

You fit perfectly to me in the loneliness, melt this curse away
Though I’ll never know your name I’ll cry for you the same

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Untitled by (skytree&kuan™)

Untitled by (skytree&kuan™)

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The End of the Summer

Well August has certainly shaped up to be a pretty interesting month despite not having school or work. FYF Fest is finally coming up! I’ve been waiting a year for this weekend and it’s finally about to be here. Sure, it’s not the lineup it was last year, but it kicks the shit out of any other music festival regardless. And it’s at a fraction of the price too. I just found out that school starts this Monday too. Shit, well I haven’t even paid my tuition. Supposedly I owe $254 for this new semester and another $254 for Spring semester, which I could have sworn was only like $44 and I paid for it already… And that brings me to the next thing that has been haunting me this month: being poor. I have no idea how I even lived with $20 a week in high school. I guess all I did was play video games for 15 hours a day back then and it doesn’t cost much money at all to support such a hobby. I literally ate In N Out 5 days straight for dinner because it’s all that I could afford and ate random junk I found in the kitchen for lunch.

If it weren’t for my friends, being poor would be absolutely miserable. My brother gave me $100 just to help with my dental bills that are due tomorrow ($211). Then he buys me my birthday dinner a few weeks early and that was over $100 too. Andy picks up an eighth for me and I still haven’t been able to pay him back even though that eighth is all ash now. And he even got us some joints for FYF too. Then he buys himself and me a pair of tickets to see Sky Ferreira as a birthday present. He never even bothers me about the money either, it’s the stuff like this that I really appreciate. He knows I’m good for it and I’ll get him back. Michael finally paid me for the FYF pass today and thank god for that because I now have enough to pay off the dental bills, but I don’t have any money for tuition or basic life expenses such as food. But it’s just about 10 days to go before I should be getting money. Well actually that sounds like a long time to go without buying myself food. Tame Impala announced a show and I’ve been seriously dying to see them for the past year and a half. Michael gave me his cc info so I could pick up two tickets to see them at the Shrine. He’s seriously the shit, it seems as though any issues I’ve had with him prior to him getting this job has disappeared. He really matured and changed since being employed, and I’m so happy for him. Oh yah he also covered a bunch of other tickets for me for upcoming shows: CHVRCHES, American Football, Mineral, and he’s even making it a point to go see Porter Robinson with me for my birthday.

My birthday is coming up soon and honestly I can’t wait for September. I usually don’t care about my birthday much, but this year is really different. My dad is coming from Hong Kong and so is my cousin. Neither of them have celebrated my birthday with me (well my dad probably did when I was an infant but I don’t recall downing beers with him so it doesn’t count) so this is a really big deal to me. We can celebrate on the 14th (Sunday) and I’ll get my dad super fucking wasted and same for my cousin. My brother is definitely a drinker too so he’ll probably get really fucked up. I’ll probably end up DDing because I want an excuse to not have to drink so much haha. The 13th will be pretty much dedicated to Porter Robinson and Giraffage killin it at the Shrine. I’m gonna roll for sure, but as of right now I don’t even wanna use these suspect Transformers that I have. Definitely don’t wanna get myself or my friends piped. On the 12th, I’ll probably have like a dinner with friends. Last year I had it at Beer Belly and I got a little carried away with inviting. I initially only wanted 10 people to be there, but I think I ended up having 15 or so and it was kind of too much to manage. I couldn’t talk to everyone at once even though I wanted to and my friends are pretty random so I feel like they wouldn’t gel right away. This year, I’m thinking Maccheroni Republic with just 8 people. It’s BYOB so we can bring our own wine and not have to worry about a crazy fucking bill. We could just order a pasta for ourselves, apps to share, AND GET REALLY WASTED. I threw up last time I drank too much wine at Maccheroni, but it’s my birthday haha so whatever I’ll do it again. 

My birthday would be 100x better if my favorite girl in the world was with me to celebrate it, but that won’t happen. Oh well, I feel kinda stupid anyway waiting 4 months for a girl that won’t even cut ties with an ex that she cried over for 2 years and probably took xanax to get over it. From what I’ve heard he’s pretty insensitive to her feelings and was abusive, but hey, who am I to tell anyone to not hang out or keep in touch with someone. Even if she knew it bothered me a bit, it’s her life. All I can do is pick and choose who I keep in touch with, not who she keeps in touch with.

I fucking hate summer so I’m really welcoming the new change in season. We’re gonna have cooler weather, earlier nights (when I was little I used to hate this, but now as an established night owl, I love it), my room won’t be such a sauna, and my life will be drastically changed. I’ve been chillin like a villain this whole summer and it’s finally time to shake it up with a shitload of responsibilities. I’m gonna be studying my ass off for this Calculus class because if I have to take it again, I swear to buddha and all his fucking friends that I’m gonna be throwing tantrums and knocking over the professor’s coffee mug. In order to retain any math I’m gonna be learning, I’m going to cut back smoking to twice a week at the most. I’m also gonna have to get a job starting October. I wanna work at a supermarket as a bored cashier. I just wanna do something where I can daydream all day and not get tired after work since I’m gonna probably have to do homework after. Let’s face it, I’m not gonna be doing math when I’m tired as fuck. This job is gonna be pretty important to me as I save money for moving out. I want at least $1000 set aside just for security purposes. I can’t depend on anyone but myself. And thus setting the theme to my fall season: going back to being a responsible adult

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小松 菜奈

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